Congress and the Music Industry

According to a blog from The Hill, written by Andrew Quinlan, the music industry has been lobbying congress for change. There’s no new news there. Most industries lobby Congress looking for change to benefit their individual industries. In this instance, and the reason I’m talking about it now, the writer/blog took a stance against the music industries desires to change aspects of the industry through Congress.

Now as an advocate for the music industry, I myself don’t see the issue with trying to lobby Congress for change, because I believe it’s needed today. In my previous blogs, I’ve discussed a lot of changes in the music industry such as the effect of streaming, and changes in political systems like the UK’s “Brexit”.  In my opinion, with these factors in mind, there are issues that require Congress’ attention.


Referring to the blog post from The Hill, it focused more on the radio promotion side of the industry. According to Andrew Quinlan, the industry is trying to convince Congress to dictate prices on local radio stations with some form of rate-setting agency. To quote Quinlan and prove the stance he takes, “Congress should heed the wishes of the voters that elected them and tell “big music” that the era of special interest bailouts is over.”

Both sides have their points. It just depends on which side of the fence you stand.


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